Teknik Memotret Saat Gelap Tanpa Menggunakan Flash

Techniques for Photographing in the Dark Without Using a Flash

Light is the most important element of a photo shoot. But if there's no light, can't you take photos? Of course you can, but with a few techniques and tricks. Let's discuss them.

You can use flash to add light to your photos, but the weakness of flash is that the light is sharp and very blinding, so it is not recommended to use flash on your camera.

1. Exposure settings on the camera

The first way is to use ISO to take photos. Set the ISO to the highest setting or until the photo looks bright enough. However, if the ISO is too high, the photo will be noisy. You can also set your camera to Aperture Priority mode. If you shoot with RAW files, you can use Photoshop/Noise Ninja to reduce noise in your photos. As well as aperture and ISO, you can use a slow shutter speed to let more light into the camera.

2. Using additional equipment

A remote shutter release and tripod can be an option as they are very helpful when shooting in low light. These two tools can help reduce camera shake, so you can use a slow shutter speed and still get clear, blur-free photos.

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