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Accurate Techniques for Architectural Photos

Many people say that architectural photography is easy and difficult. Perseverance and patience are required to get maximum results. Here are the techniques for producing accurate architectural photos:

1. Camera and location preparation

Find out first about the location you want to immortalize. For example, a shop, you need to know the opening and closing hours of the shop. Apart from that, find out whether you can take photos at that place or whether you have to ask permission. Don't forget to check the weather forecast at that location, because you don't want it to turn out that the weather doesn't support it if you have everything set.

2. Use your time as best as possible

One important factor is time. Make sure you have enough time to photograph and explore the subject of your photo. With enough time, you can see all sides of the building to find the right photo spot.

3. Take pictures in different weather conditions

You need to pay attention to the weather forecast when taking photos, but that doesn't mean that when the weather is not good, you can't take photos. Maybe you can get good photos during a storm or drizzle. You just need to have the courage to try and practice sensitivity.

4. Take pictures from different angles and different compositions

Explore various angles and compositions because each angle can provide a different view or different lighting conditions so that your photos have many variations. Don't just be satisfied with 1 angle or 1 composition. Practicing thinking outside the box can help you get good photos, for example, if you have taken a photo from below, you can try taking it from above.

5. Color / Black and White

When choosing a color or black and white photo, maybe you can consider these points. If you want to take photos of buildings, it is recommended to use color photos. But if you want to highlight the structure of the building, you can use black and white photos.

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