Teknik Foto Backlight

Backlight Photo Technique

This photo is one of the popular types of photos. Many people combine this technique with model photos to make the subject more dimensional but still soft with sunlight on the back. Most people like to put the sun behind the subject. Some things you need to pay attention to:

1. Position the model in front of the sun

In this type of photo, position the model in front of direct sunlight without any light on the face. Change the metering mode to spot metering, aim at the model's face to get a good exposure.

2. Model's face

When taking photos, the model's face with its back to the sun usually looks a bit dark compared to the background. You can use reflectors or additional light on the front of the model so that it doesn't contrast too much with the background.

3. Use exposure compensation

It is recommended not to use aperture priority mode because usually your photos will look too bright. You can use exposure compensation to increase and decrease the exposure on the camera's metering until you get the desired results.

Compensating for exposure is quite easy, on Canon cameras, you just turn the quick control dial on the back of the camera while looking at the LCD panel above. Turn it to the left to make it darker, turn it to the right to make it lighter. On a Nikon camera, press the exposure compensation (+/-) button on the top, turn the command dial on the back of the camera and look at the LCD panel.

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