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Coffeetography Technique

No need to be confused anymore for KEE friends who love coffee photos. There are several techniques that you can try:

1. Shoot closer to the Point of Interest (POI)

You can enlarge your object to get sharper results and clear focus. You can fill your photo frame with the subject you want so that there is not much empty space left. But remember, you don't need to include all the subjects so that your main subject is drowned out.

EOS M5; EF-M22mm f/2 STM; 22mm; 1/640 sec; f/2.5; ISO-400
Source : https://snapshot.canon-asia.com/

2. Arrange the composition

Arrange the composition of your photo with the help of rules such as the rule of thirds, or the rule of symmetry, making it easier for you to take photos.

3. Play Dof

When taking photos, there are no standard rules that require a photo to be all in focus or all blurry, it all depends on the mood, concept and desired photo results. Use a wide aperture (small number) for blurred backgrounds, and a narrow aperture (large number) for results that focus on all areas. For example, during the rainy season, while drinking coffee, the mood is more suitable for photos with blurry background.

4. Sufficient light

You can take photos next to a window or at the front of a cafe so that there is enough light in your photo. Or you can also use a shadow effect so that your photo is not monotonous.

EOS M5; EF-M22mm f/2 STM; 22mm; 1/1250 sec; f/2.8; ISO-1000

5. Edit photos

The final step is editing the photo. You can add tones or edit colors so that they match what you want. You can edit with Lightroom, Photoshop or cellphone applications such as VSCO.

EOS M5; EF-M22mm f/2 STM; 22mm; 1/400 sec; f/2.0; ISO-160
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