Tanggung Jawab Sosial Dalam Fotografi (Part 1)

Social Responsibility in Photography (Part 1)

A professional photographer has usually met a variety of subjects from various conditions and jobs. Of course, they all have their own stories which are immortalized in photos.

A photographer will benefit from the results of their photos, for example from photo prints, exhibitions, books, and often gain fame. Meanwhile, in terms of the subject being photographed, they may not get anything, and may even feel exploited. It's a bit lame, it could only be KEE friends.

The good news is that many photographers also have a sense of social responsibility towards their subjects. They not only think about profits for themselves, but they also make their work a tool for social empowerment, be it for the shooting location or their subjects.

Old man at Divine Madman Temple, Punakha, Bhutan.
Photo by : Graeme Green

To get a good photo we need to really know the subject, so we can tell the story correctly. It's not uncommon for photographers to spend a lot of time with them before photographing them, they even feel like a family. For example, photographer Reihann photographed 54 tribes in Vietnam. He has lived there since 2011. The photos are exhibited at the Precious Heritage art gallery in Hoi An. Apart from that, he gave a boat to Madam Xong, the woman on the cover of his first book. He also helped buy cows and bicycles for his subjects and contributed to their education, health and home improvements. Maybe later someone will be sarcastic, ah if that's the case it's the same as getting people used to begging. It could be true, but in giving we must be sincere regardless of various justifications for not giving...

So far Rehahn has photographed 45 of the total 54 tribes living in Vietnam.
Photo by : Rehahn
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