Tahukah Kamu? Fitur Image Stabilization Pada Saat Menggunakan Tripod

Did You Know? Image Stabilization Features When Using a Tripod

If you use a tripod, you should turn off the Image Stabilization (IS) feature on your camera lens to get sharper results.

Image stabilization functions to reduce vibrations in the camera so that the resulting photos are not blurry. So it really helps you when taking pictures using a low shutter speed.
However, what is not widely known, when you use the IS feature together with a tripod, this can be a problem. Wow, really, min..? What's the problem?

If you use a tripod, the camera is quite stable. By activating the IS feature, the system in the lens tries to compensate for slight vibrations that should not have any effect on the image. But with this compensation system, it actually makes the image blurry, instead of reducing it.

So, don't forget to turn off the IS feature on the lens when you use a tripod, KEE friends.

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