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Likes to be forgotten when taking portrait photos

For KEE friends who like portrait photos, you might forget some of these things. Come on, let's remember together...

1. Create an activity

You can help direct the subject to do small activities, such as walking while telling a funny story. So at this time you can take the subject's expression more naturally, without making it up. Or, for example, if you are photographing a family, you can ask them to interact with each other or do funny things.

Photo by : Laura Alpizar

2. Catchlights

When taking photos, don't forget to focus on the eyes, especially if there is a visible catchlight. Because if it's not there, the eyes will look less alive. You can get around this by using a reflector right under the model. Or make sure the main light reflection hits the model's eyes.

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3. Property

Give your subject props that relate to the photo's theme. No need to get excited, simple props can also be, for example balls, flowers or glasses that can tell a story to your photo. But it doesn't always apply to all photo shoots, it goes back to the concept and theme.

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4. Forcing the subject into the desired pose

You can really give directions to the model, but don't let the model feel uncomfortable with the pose you are directing, the result will definitely be awkward. Maybe you could try this method, direct the model but they can freely express themselves, for example by tilting their head, shaking their fingers, and so on. You can get several frames from one main pose.

5. Do not touch the model

Directing the style is fine, but it's best not to touch your model. Because they are not necessarily happy, and it can make their mood go down and affect the results of the photo. You can direct with words or give an example with your own body.

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