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Studio Shooting Style on Models

For KEE friends who like taking photos in the studio, usually for models there are 3 types of styles based on the lighting used. Let's discuss them one by one..

Photo by : N-Photo

1. Classic Rembrandt

In this photo style you are seen creating a small triangular shadow from the nose leading to the lips with the main light source from the side. You can use additional lighting at the back with a snoot to provide light to the model's hair. Don't forget to use a reflector on the opposite side to the main light.

2. Rim lights

This style uses 2 light sources of the same strength positioned slightly behind the model and facing the camera. You can use a reflector to help reflect light onto the model's nose and forehead. Usually this style is suitable for highlighting bone structure, photos of men, and photos that show masculinity.

3. Beauty

In this style you use the main light from above. Use a softbox so that the light produced is smoother. As a result, the light will look more even. You can add a reflector under the model's face. This style is usually used for photos that emphasize beauty.

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