Spot Foto di Jakarta

Photo Spot in Jakarta

In Jakarta, it turns out there are lots of fun and instagrammable places for photo spots, you know. Really, bro? If you don't believe it, let's check it here!

1. Kali Besar Timur

Located in the old city area, Kali Besar Timur is surrounded by typical old city buildings which are equipped with beautiful views that are unusual in a big city like Jakarta. Apart from being a tourist park, this place, inspired by the arrangement of the Cheonggyecheon river in Seoul, South Korea, is widely used as a photo spot.

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2. Sudirman MRT Station - MH Thamrin

Sudirman - MH Thamrin MRT Station is one of the most popular places for Jakarta residents to try. Apart from that, you can also get photos like you were abroad. It is recommended to take photos in the morning when people go to work or in the afternoon when people come home from work.

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3. Bull Field

This field, which is located in the Gambir area, has become one of the places widely used for taking photos since it was revitalized. Many residents are exercising, playing bicycles, basketball, or children are playing. At night, you can take photos of the dancing fountain. Apart from that, you can also take photos in front of the Hobbit house!

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4. Gelora Bung Karno JPO

This photo spot is in the Senayan area, precisely at the Gelora Bung Karno JPO. This pedestrian bridge was renovated to be more comfortable and beautiful, especially at night, accompanied by colorful lights. You can take photos of busy JPO users or vehicles passing beneath it.

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5. Root House

This place is in the old city area. many people say it is similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. You can get a vintage impression with roots that penetrate into the house. Usually many people like to take photos in the afternoon with favorable lighting.

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6. PIK Mangrove Forest

This forest is in the North Jakarta area and is a natural tourist area complete with a beautiful artificial lake for taking photos. Apart from that, there is also a play area for children and a hall for gathering.

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7. Coffee philosophy

This place is quite unique. Located in the Blok M Melawai area, this coffee shop is busy with visitors. The building came from a building that had been abandoned for a long time and the first floor was transformed into a comfortable place. There are many interesting photo spots that you can take here.

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