Smoke Bomb Untuk Efek Fotografi

Smoke Bomb for Photography Effects

Nowadays it's really trendy to take photos using smoke bombs, plus it's really easy, you get results, it's cool! So, this time Mimin wants to discuss about smoke bombs which are suitable with the tips, of course...

Usually a good smoke bomb is the Enola Gaye WP40 Smoke Grenade because this type can last up to 90 seconds and is the safest compared to the others. But unfortunately this type is a bit difficult to find. You can also use other types of smoke bombs which can last up to 60 seconds on average. So here are some tips:

1. Smoke bomb as an accessory but, safety first

Don't forget to prioritize safety when using smoke bombs, KEE friends. A smoke bomb is a fire inside a stick, which means the smoke bomb can provide very hot sparks . It is strongly recommended not to use it near flammable items, and it is best to use it outdoors and not in public places.

2. Prepare everything before lighting the smoke bomb

Because the smoke bomb can only last for a short time, around 60 seconds, it is better for you to prepare everything first before lighting the smoke bomb. So when the smoke bomb lights up, all you have to do is snap the camera.

3. Does not meet expectations

It could be that when you pull the smoke bomb, all the powder comes out or the direction of the unfriendly wind is in the opposite direction. You can look for a place that is conducive and supportive so that your photos are good. It is recommended not to wear white clothes because smoke bombs can leave stains on your clothes.

Make sure when you pull the smoke bomb, it's not too close to your body because there will be sparks flying. It is recommended that someone help the model light the smoke bomb.

4. Use a fast shutter speed

To get detailed smoke bomb results , increase the shutter speed so that it can be recorded well.

5. Pay attention to the model's face

You need to pay attention so that the smoke bomb effect does not cover the model's face. You can ask the model to move if the smoke is covering their face. Apart from that, smoke bombs can also make your eyes water and smell unpleasant.

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