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Who here doesn't like films? It almost doesn't seem like it exists, KEE friends... Everyone definitely likes films. But do you know what the form of the first film shown is? Let's discuss it together.. 

Edward James, who came from the United States in 1878, made a picture of 16 horses in different poses. Then he combined the 16 images and created the illusion of a running horse. This discovery became the initial concept in making the film.

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Then Thomas Alfa Edison started developing a camera that could not only be used to take photos but could also record moving images. From there emerged the cinematographic era of the world's first documentary film created by the Lumiere brothers. The first film, made in 1895, was entitled Sortie de l'usine Lumiere de Lyon, which means employees returning home from the Lumiere factory in Lyon. This film shows workers at the Lumiere factory flocking out of the factory when they leave work. This film attracted world attention and also had a clear storyline that was relevant to the conditions at that time.

This film was first shown to the public in the Capucines boulevard area, Paris, France on December 28 1895 and received an enthusiastic response. At that time, because there was no technology to combine films with sound, the sound used when the film was shown came from the accompanying orchestra.

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