Referensi Komposisi Foto (Part 2)

Photo Composition Reference (Part 2)

6. Symmetrical composition

This composition is usually on one side and the other, it can be horizontal or vertical. An easy way is if you fold a symmetrical photo in 2 along the line of symmetry, you will get 2 identical photos.

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2. Composition of negative space

This composition usually has a lot of empty space in the photo. The empty space can be the sky, desert, or wall.

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Photo by : Thomas Lim

8. Reflection photo composition

Reflections in photos can be the main element or a complement. If it is the main element, the reflection must be able to tell a story. You can use various objects for reflection such as puddles of water, glass.

Photo by : Takashi Nakagawa

Source :

Photo by : Paul Apal'kin

9. Separation composition

In this composition, there is usually a very contrast between the photo object and the background.

Photo by : Steve McCurry

10. Composition of rules of odds

In this composition, it is said that the photo will look more interesting if there is an odd or distracting subject in the photo. But keep in mind that odd elements must remain natural and pleasing to the eye.

Photo by : Barry O Carroll
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Photo by : Rick Sammon
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