Rasio Perbesaran 1:1 Pada Lensa Makro

1:1 Magnification Ratio on Macro Lens

Macro lenses can usually be used to photograph subjects from very close distances. This lens is made specifically so that the tip of the lens seems to stick to the photo subject. Usually the minimum focusing distance on a macro lens is very minimal so that the photo subject looks large when using optical magnification on the lens.

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Ratio 1:1

This ratio is known as life size because the resulting photo is the same size as the actual subject when you take it at the minimum focusing distance of the lens. For example, when you photograph coins with a full frame DSLR camera with a sensor size of 36x24 mm and a 1:1 macro lens with a minimum focusing distance of 31cm. When you take a photo with the front end of the lens at a distance of 31 cm from the coin, the part of the coin photographed is the size of your camera sensor, 36x24 mm.

The magnification ratio and minimum focusing distance can usually be known from the lens specifications. Check your needs first before buying.

Macro lenses with medium to telephoto focal lengths (90-200mm) are usually macro lenses with a 1:1 ratio. Meanwhile, macro lenses with a short focal length (35-50mm) usually have a magnification ratio of 1:2. A 1:1 ratio is definitely better but the price is also good ;) The longer the focal length of your lens, the more suitable it is for photographing subjects from quite a distance, especially if your subject is quite sensitive when approached. But the longer the focal length, the narrower the sharp area. It's possible that when photographing a bee, only its legs are in focus.

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