Perlu Kamu Ketahui Tentang LCD Kamera

You Need to Know About Camera LCDs

For KEE friends who have plans to buy a camera, you definitely need to know what you want to buy in as much detail as possible. So, there are several considerations regarding camera LCD screens, especially for cameras that are not equipped with a viewfinder and only rely on the LCD screen. Some things you need to know:

1. LCD size

There are various kinds of LCD screens, it is recommended that they are not too small. The standard size is around 2 - 3.5 inches.

2. How bright and clear it is during the day

The brighter the LCD screen is, the better it is because it makes it easier to take photos during the day, especially outdoors. A transparent LCD screen that uses a combination of backlit and reflected ambient light to produce images that are clear enough to be suitable for outdoor shooting.

Source : unsplash

3. Refresh rate

Refresh rate is how often the image is updated on the LCD screen. The lower the refresh rate, the image will be intermittent when the camera is moved.

4. Dark conditions

If you like taking photos at night, you need to consider a camera that is equipped with a special feature that makes the image on the LCD screen look brighter.

5. Wide LCD coverage

Usually LCD has a coverage area of ​​95% -98% of the entire photo object. It's best to avoid smaller scopes.

6. Antireflective coating

This feature helps us to see the LCD more easily under the sun because it helps eliminate the reflection of sunlight into the eyes.

7. Brightness control

This feature helps us adjust the brightness of the LCD screen and can help us see images during the day.

8. Swiveling and tilting

This feature makes it easier for you when you want to take pictures from quite difficult angles.

Source : unsplash

9. Touch screen

This feature depends on each person. If you are used to it, it can make it very easy to set up the camera.

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