Perlu Diketahui Jika Memotret Dengan RAW

Things to know when Shooting with RAW

RAW is a raw file of images produced by the camera sensor without processing from the camera processor. The resulting images tend to be less sharp, the colors are flat, and not wow. Why is that? Because the resulting JPG format is an image that has been edited by the camera's processor, Expeed on Nikon and DIGIC on Canon, so the resulting image looks better, sharper and brighter. However, due to this processing, the original information captured by the camera sensor is lost.

RAW format can store up to 4.39 trillion colors, while JPG only has 16 million colors. These colors are not immediately visible in the image, but they capture details from the darkest to lightest areas of a photo. So using the RAW format can reveal details that JPG cannot display.


But first, there are several things you need to know if you use the RAW format:

1. Takes up a lot of space

The large number of colors that must be saved each time you take a photo makes the file large. You need to provide extra space when shooting using this format.

2. Cannot be opened in all applications

RAW format cannot be as easy as JPG which can be opened anywhere. You need a special application such as Adobe Lightroom to get the most out of this format.

3. Takes a long time

This format takes longer than JPG. You need to take into account the time so that you are not late just because the process is quite long.

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