Perlatan Untuk Fotografi Olahraga

Equipment for Sports Photography

Sports photography is an interesting type of photography and requires fast movement because moments in a match will not happen twice. So, you also need adequate equipment so you don't miss important moments in the match. Anything?

1. Camera

Yep! First, of course, the camera. Choose a camera that you are fluent in using so that you don't have difficulty changing camera settings or other settings in a short time.

2. Telephoto lens

For this type of photography, using a telephoto lens can be very helpful because usually the photo object is quite far away. Apart from that, choose a lens that has a stabilizer feature so that it can help prevent blurry photos because long lenses are usually susceptible to vibration.

3. Fast memory card

You can use a card that can read and write fast at least 90mb/sec. This memory card is very useful because it can help when you take pictures continuously. Usually sports photographers use the JPEG format because the file size is smaller so the camera process is faster. Don't forget to bring a spare memory card in case you run out of memory.

4. Batteries and battery chargers

Prepare spare batteries and chargers. Don't let your battery run out and miss important moments.

5. Camera strap

This type of photography requires you to keep moving. A camera strap is one important thing that should not be missed. You can move more easily by hanging your camera around your neck or waist.

6. Lens cleaning kit

Make sure your camera is always clean because dust and dirt can interfere with your photos, and sometimes the terrain for taking photos is quite extreme.

7. Monopod

A monopod can help you hold the weight of the lens for hours. With 1 leg, you can move freely and be flexible. You can shoot panning techniques using a monopod.

8. Rain cover and bag

It's important for you to have camera protection from sometimes unpredictable weather. Moreover, most sports photos are outdoors. Look for a bag that not only protects the camera well but also makes it easier when you want to take it.

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