Perbedaan Objek dan Subjek Pada Fotografi

Differences between Objects and Subjects in Photography

Maybe there are still many KEE friends who are confused about what the difference is between object and subject, they're just the same, right? But it turns out these two terms have different meanings, you know...

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Objects are usually on a larger scale, for example a village which contains mountains, rice fields, houses and farmers. So it could be said that the object is rural. Meanwhile, subjects are those that explain on a smaller scale, for example houses, rice fields, farmers, mountains.

There is usually a main subject in each photo. So, the way to determine the main subject is the subject that stands out the most among other subjects, which is usually known as Point of Interest (POI), and is also a detail in a photo. As in the picture above, the object is rice fields, and the subjects are people and houses. Meanwhile, the point of interest is 3 women walking in the rice fields.

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