Perbedaan Bokeh dan Blur

Difference of Bokeh and Blur

Bokeh is usually used a lot in photos because it can make photos more interesting. Bokeh means blur or fog, while blur is usually called out of focus. But bokeh is not the same as blur, KEE friends. Not all blurry photos can be said to be bokeh because they have different characteristics.

Bokeh is the result of the intensity of the blur in a photo which produces dots in the photo. No matter how strong the blur is in your photo, if there are no elements that create bokeh, then your photo will not produce bokeh.

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In the first photo there is no blur, the second photo is bokeh, the third photo is just blurry

To create blur, you simply adjust the distance of the subject from the lens and the background. But just that is not enough to create bokeh. There needs to be light in the background of your photo that forms a bokeh circle. So usually at night, you can easily create blur from the street lights.

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