Peralatan Untuk Mulai Bisnis Fotografi

Equipment to Start a Photography Business

For KEE friends who have plans to start a photography business, maybe you can prepare some of this equipment.

1. Two cameras

Why two cameras? Usually when taking photos there is a main and secondary camera that uses two different lenses. It could be that the camera is used by one person, or two different people. You can choose according to your respective budget. A camera with a different sensor is recommended, for example full frame and APSC.

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2. Lenses

The lens also influences the results of the photo, so it is very important to choose the right lens. You can have several lenses, fixed and zoom lenses are recommended. If possible, several fixed lenses would be better. Why fixed lenses? Because fixed lenses have a large aperture which can be used for beauty shoots and can be relied on when the light is low and the price is also affordable. You can adjust the focal length of the lens according to the subject of your photography business, which you prefer to photograph.

3. Laptops

You can choose according to your needs, whether you edit a lot of videos, photos, or one that is durable because you have high mobility.

4. Memory

One of the most important small elements. When choosing an SD card, you need to consider quality, such as read and write speed, capacity, and brand. Make sure the speed is at least 95 MBps or if you like recording 1080p and 4K video, your memory can support video class 30 (V30).

Your photos and videos are valuable assets. Make sure you back up your files, one of which is the 3-2-1 method, where you  must have 3 copies for each project. 2 offline, can be on a laptop hard disk, another on an external hard disk, and one online, for example in cloud storage.

Source : unsplash

5. Accessories

You can adjust these camera accessories to suit your needs, for example a travel tripod is certainly different from a video tripod.

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