Peralatan Untuk Memotret Pemandangan Laut

Equipment for Photographing Seascapes

The view of the sea can make the heart calm. The sparkling blue light emanating from the sea accompanied by white foam can stun photogoers. Sea views are one part of landscape photos, but there are special techniques you need to know for this type of photo. You may not be able to control these natural elements, but you can determine the wave effect you want.

Here are the equipment you need to take photos:

1. Wide lens and lens hood

Usually, for landscape photos, many people use a wide lens so they can take wider photos. Apart from that, the wide lens gives a magnificent impression to the photos. You can also add a lens hood to remove glare and increase contrast in the photo.

2. Tripod and remote controller

Sometimes you need to shoot with a long exposure, so a tripod is very necessary in this situation. It is recommended to buy a tripod that is strong enough so that it lasts longer. Additionally, a remote control can help reduce camera shake so your photos look sharp.

3. Spare battery

By doing long exposures, the battery will run out quickly. Spare batteries are necessary. It would be a shame if the battery suddenly ran out in the middle of shooting.

4. Filters

Usually there are 3 types of filters used when photographing sea views. Polarization filters can help reduce shine and reflections in sea water, and can also make the sky dark blue. Second, there is a density filter, this filter can reduce the light entering the camera and can help when you want to use a low shutter speed. This filter has no effect on color and saturation. Finally, there is a GND filter which can help overcome exposures that have very different contrasts.

5. Cleaning solution and cloth

If you take photos at the beach, your equipment and camera will likely be exposed to sand and water. Don't forget to always clean all equipment first after shooting.

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