Peralatan Untuk Memotret Malam Hari (Part 1)

Equipment for Night Photography (Part 1)

1. The right camera

Why the right camera? Because not all cameras are suitable for taking photos at night. Actually, you can use any camera, it's just that the results may be different. You can choose a camera based on sensor size, can shoot with RAW files, and bulb mode (shooting for more than 30 seconds).

2. Tripods

A tripod is one of the main things when photographing at night. A tripod can help keep the camera stable. It is recommended to choose a tripod that is strong but also light so it is easy to carry and move.

3. Flashlight

Flashlights have many benefits besides lighting the road, you can help the camera focus by using this tool. Usually each camera has a focus guide light that can help illuminate the object so that the camera can lock focus on that object. But sometimes you can't lock focus if the object is too far from the light, so you can use a flashlight.

Apart from that, you can use it as a replacement for an external flash. The external flash only flashes a flash, if you use a fast shutter speed, only a little light is recorded. With the nature of a flashlight light that burns continuously, the slower the shutter speed you use, the greater the light intensity recorded.

4. Shutter release

The camera can generally only be set to take photos for 30 seconds, beyond that you can use bulb mode. When using bulb mode, you have to keep pressing the camera shutter as long as you want. So you need a shutter release to press the button, because if you press the camera directly with your hand it can make the camera shake and the image will become blurry. There are shutter releases that use cables, there are also wireless ones without cables, using signals and radio waves.

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