Penyebab Hasil Foto Blur

Causes of Blurred Photo Results

For those of you, especially beginners in the field of photography, you will definitely be confused about why your photos are blurry. It turns out there are several causes, because the camera shakes or focuses incorrectly.

1. Camera shake

You can see from the characteristics whether the blur in your photo is caused by camera shake:

a. Blur evenly

Usually everything in the photo becomes blurry, including the main subject, background and foreground.

b. Double photo

If your photo looks like a double effect on the same photo, at the edges there are two visible subjects.

c. Motion blur

Camera shake occurs when your camera moves while taking a photo and the result looks like the subject is moving even when shooting a still subject. There may be lines of lights or lights recorded in your photo if you move.

2. Wrong focus

Wrong focus usually results in different photos with camera shake. You can still find parts that are in focus or sharp in your photo. Although maybe the focus you want is not on that part. Usually the blur from wrong focus is smoother than the blur from camera shake which tends to be rough.

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