Pengaturan dan Fitur Pada Kamera Smartphone (Part 2)

Smartphone Camera Settings and Features (Part 2)

8. Exposure Value

This feature is available on almost all smartphones. Usually in Indonesian it is called the opening value or exposure value. The function of EV is similar to ISO, namely to adjust the lightness and darkness of your photos. To adjust exposure we usually need to change shutter speed, ISO and aperture. With this feature it becomes more practical.

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9. Shutter speed

On some of the latest smartphones, this feature is available, there is even a slow setting of up to 30s. The slower the shutter speed, the more light comes in so your photo will be brighter. But a slow shutter speed is very sensitive to subject movement so the image becomes blurry. Meanwhile, if you use a fast shutter speed, you can freeze the subject's movement.

10. Aperture / diaphragm

Aperture is usually also called the lens opening. Some smartphones can now use aperture settings. A large aperture hole marked with a small number allows the camera to receive more light and increases the blur effect because the focus area is smaller. Vice versa.

11. Stabilizers

Stabilizers can help reduce vibrations when you shoot. For example, when you press the button to take a photo, your hand shakes so your photo is blurry. With a stabilizer, this can be overcome by minimizing vibrations. However, vibrations that are quite extreme cannot be overcome by this feature.

12. Anti-red-eye

Usually when you photograph people, the person's eyes tend to have a red dot due to the flash firing directly into the subject's eyes. With this feature, it can reduce but not completely eliminate red-eye because red-eye usually occurs due to reflection of light in the eye area. Sometimes the red-eye effect can still be there even though you have activated the feature.

13. RAW image format

This feature is the most impressive breakthrough in recent years, even pocket cameras don't have this feature. The function of the RAW format is that you can more easily correct images taken with the wrong settings, for example choosing the wrong white balance. Only this RAW format takes up more memory. So, only use this file for important purposes.

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