Pengaruh Lensa Pada Bokeh

Effect of Lenses on Bokeh

KEE friends, did you know that the lens actually has an effect on the quality and shape of the bokeh produced. On a conventional lens, if you use a small aperture number with the widest opening, then the aperture hole formed by the knife is polygonal so that the bokeh results are also polygonal. This polygonal shape is found on the Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens.

Usually each lens has a different number and shape of aperture blades. Along with the development of lenses, now many apertures have curved knife edges so that the aperture hole approaches a circle and the resulting bokeh approaches round. Usually this type of lens is mostly used for portrait photos.

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Many claim that lenses with more blades are superior because more blades can form holes that are nearly circular until they are completely round. Also, the advantage of having many blades is that the lens does not have to be opened to the maximum to get a circular shape.

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