Penempatan Main Light Pada Foto Studio-KEE INDONESIA

Placement of Main Light in Studio Photos

To get good photos you don't need sophisticated equipment. With 1 light source you can also get cool photos, it just depends on how you set the light.

The effect of the light on the subject will vary depending on the height, angle, power, and distance of the light source. You can also use monochrome mode on the LCD screen to help you see your photos more clearly. Pay attention to how the light falls on the subject. This time, let's discuss the placement of the main light.

Photo by : N-Photo

1. Height

By positioning the main light above the subject, you can see that the shadow of the nose falls to the bottom, giving the impression of a longer nose. Usually there is a shadow on the cheeks which is called Rembrandt Lighting.

2. Parallel (eye level)

Using a main light parallel to the subject, the light will hit the model's entire face. The resulting shadow will give the effect of a wider face. You can also add light on the opposite side, or you can also use a reflector to balance it.

3. Low

This position is perhaps the least frequently used because the resulting effect is somewhat different from the previous 2 positions. If you want to take photos with a mysterious or horror theme, it might be suitable to use the main light position below. The nose shadow looks thick, there are also eye bags.

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