<p class="p1">Tips Foto Potrait Dengan HP</p> <p class="p2"> </p>

<p class="p1">Tips for Taking Portrait Photos with a Cellphone</p><p class="p2"></p>

Who doesn't like being photographed? Surely most KEE friends like it, especially the little girls... Well, Mimin has tips for taking portrait photos but just use a cellphone. How is it?

1. Get close

In portrait photos, it will be better if the subject moves closer to the camera and away from the background so that it looks clearer and if your cellphone is equipped with a modern camera with a bokeh effect, your photos will be even better because the background will be blurred so that the subject you are photographing becomes the main focus.


2. Focus on the face

Don't forget to adjust the focus and exposure on your cellphone so that the subject isn't blurry, especially if the light is brighter than the subject of your photo.

3. Use the rule of thirds

You can create a composition using the basic rules of the rule of thirds, by creating 2 imaginary vertical and horizontal lines and you can place the subject at the point where these lines intersect. Or you can use the 3x3 grid on your cellphone to help show the lines.

4. Keep it simple

Try not to have too many other objects around the subject so that it distracts attention from the main subject. You can double-check before pressing the shutter button so that no unwanted objects enter the frame.

5. Arrange the lighting

You can shoot outdoors or indoors. Sometimes outdoor light is more tricky than indoors. Light that is too harsh will also make your photos less good because it will create harsh shadows and if the sun is directly above your head, it will create black shadows under your eyes.


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