Membuat Studio Sederhana (Objek Kecil)

Creating a Simple Studio (Small Objects)


1. Background

a. Existing arch

To photograph small objects it is quite easy, you can use the curves around you, for example a chair. The arch will create a studio-like background.

Source : Cooph

b. Block color

Or you can also use block colors in your house which can support the photo concept you want.

c. Sheet of paper

With paper you can also make a simple studio, just bend the paper and use a table lamp for lighting.

2. Light

You can modify the existing light by giving it various colors or making the light softer.

a. Color in light

You can use an unused frame and some colored mica paper. Stick colored mica on the frame and point it at the lamp so that the light changes to the color you want.

b. Diffuser

You just use a frame and baking or tracing paper and stick it to the frame. Point it at the light, voila! Your light will become softer.

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