Obsesi Terhadap Fotografi-KEE INDONESIA

Obsession with Photography

Each person may have their own obsession with a person, hobby, animal or job. Well, this man is obsessed with the world of photography, friend!

Ravi Hongal has been familiar with the world of photography since childhood. He knows the ins and outs of Pentax and Zenit cameras. He had the belief since childhood that he could make a living from the world of photography. He opened his own studio which he named Rani, after his wife. Not only that, his three children were named Canon, Nikon, and Epson. Wow!

Source : twitter.com/nirmanganguly

Enough? Not yet! Don't be half-hearted. He made a house in the shape of a camera! Complete with lenses, flash, rolls of film, and even memory cards, of course all in super large sizes.

Source : twitter.com/vibhinnaideas

Very unique, KEE friends! If so, maybe there's a story about obsession...? Come on, share!

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