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Shooting Fireworks Using a Cell Phone

New Year is synonymous with fireworks. Let's discuss how to take photos using a cellphone so that your photos shine tonight ;)

1. Stabilize the camera

Photographing fireworks is usually at night and the camera must be stable. You can use a tripod or use a selfie stick. But selfie sticks can still shake and are not as sturdy as tripods. Or you can place your cellphone on a flat place that is high enough and suitable for photographing fireworks.

2. Landscape mode

Most smartphone cameras are now quite sophisticated. If your camera has a shooting mode option, you can choose landscape mode which is usually used for photographing landscapes. This mode can set an infinite focus distance so that wherever fireworks appear, they can be photographed clearly. Or another option, you can activate fireworks mode in the camera menu. Or if you are quite confused about manual mode, you can try applications such as Live Photos on iPhone, Light Painting, or Night Mode.

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3. Lower the ISO

Lower the ISO to 100 or lower so that your photos are not overexposed.

4. Extend exposure

If you use manual mode, you can set your shutter speed longer, which is symbolized by the letter S. It is recommended to use burst mode if available on your camera. The longer the lens aperture, the longer the line of light you get.

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5. Turn off the flash

There is no need to turn on the flash because the fireworks are far from the flash range.

6. Record a video

One method that you can use when you have difficulty capturing the right moment is to record a video and cut it according to the moment you want. Applies to cameras that can record 4K images. All you have to do is cut 1 frame of the video into a photo that is still sharp enough for you to upload to social media.

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