Motret Hujan (Part 1)-KEE INDONESIA

Rain Photography (Part 1)

This rainy season is the most suitable for taking photos in the rain, right? ;) But first you need to know what you need to pay attention to when taking photos in the rain...? Come on, let's discuss it!

Rain can give a variety of feelings, including the places around us, which can also look different than usual. You can also photograph people wearing special clothing during the rainy season, for example long arms, carrying umbrellas and different activities, for example people running while covering their heads.

Photo by : Mihai

But first, you need to know what challenges you might encounter later.

1. Keep the camera dry

The camera and water don't mix, maybe if a few drops of rain hit the outside of the body it wouldn't be a problem. You need to ensure a way to protect your camera from rain.

2. Lighting

Sometimes rain can make lighting more difficult, for example in determining exposure because it could be dark on one side and too bright on the other.

Source : unsplash

3. Use of flash

Using a flash when it rains is also quite tricky, because water can reflect on any object. Or it could be that the light from the flash provides a very bright reflection on the water.

4. Blur

Rain is a moving object, so the possibility of getting blurry photos is greater. Apart from that, your photos can look dull and blurry.

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