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Myths About Flash

For KEE friends who like to use flash, maybe one of you believes in the myths about flash below, maybe... Let's find out.

1. TTL flash is better than manual flash

An external flash is usually installed on the top of the camera, a hot shoe which is useful for connecting the flash to the camera. It is recommended that the flash used is compatible with the camera so that all flash features can be used. If KEE friends use a TTL flash, the flash strength can be adjusted automatically by the camera so it's easier. Meanwhile, manual flash does not have the ability to communicate with the camera, it only waits for the sync signal from the camera when we take a photo, the flash will turn on. For flash power, we adjust it via the wheel on the flash and not on the camera. If we can set it to the right power, the results will definitely be the same as TTL flash. It's just different in how to use it.

2. Only use flash at night/dark

Not necessarily, KEE friends, you can not use a flash at night, and you can also use a flash during the day. At night you can capture the surrounding light or by using a low shutter speed. Meanwhile, during the day, if you take photos outdoors, sometimes there are dark parts, for example because of the backlight, you can use a flash to add light.

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3. The use of flash must be bounced

Using flash with the bounce technique can really help, but don't be misled. Bounce is a technique for making light smoother by reflecting on a flat, white surface at a fairly close distance. Meanwhile, if you take photos outdoors, usually most of the flash is used directly, especially if the sunlight is quite hot.

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4. Small and large flashes are the same

Depends on individual needs and requirements. Small flashes are lighter and easier to carry. Meanwhile, a large flash is definitely heavier. But if, for example, you are facing sunlight, a large flash will definitely be more helpful.

5. Strange flash color

The flash is made with a standard white color that is close to the color of the sun so that the photo results are natural. Sometimes we like to combine the flash with ambient light that is not white, so the camera gets confused. It is recommended not to combine flash with other light sources that are not white in color.

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