Mitos dan Fakta Fotografi - Lensa Zoom

Photography Myths and Facts - Zoom Lenses

KEE friends, this time we want to discuss photography myths that people usually misunderstand about zoom lenses. One of them is that many people think that a lens will be better if it has a long zoom. Let's discuss them one by one.

1. The lens is better if it has a long zoom

The fact is that zoom lenses actually slow down the work of the lens, and can reduce the quality of the photos. With complex optical elements in it, this also affects the resulting photo because the more elements there are, the more complicated the path of light, the more the image quality can be reduced.

Nowadays there are ultra zoom lenses which have quite good quality and are equipped with an anti-shake feature which can help so that the lens doesn't shake easily and the photos remain sharp. But of course, to get these lenses you need to spend a lot of money.

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2. The anti-shake feature means the photo will not be blurry

Modern lenses are usually equipped with this feature which uses different terms, image stabilizer, vibration reduction and steady shot. This feature is useful for reducing vibrations in the lens caused by shaking the hand which usually results in blurry photos . But this feature cannot reduce vibrations in photo objects . If the object continues to move, it will not guarantee that the photo will always be sharp.

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