Mitos atau Fakta? Shutter Count Penentu Usia Kamera-KEE INDONESIA

Myth or Fact? Shutter Count Decides the Age of a Camera

The answer is not certain KEE Friends. How come?

In conventional cameras that still use mirrors, usually when you press the capture button, the mirror lifts and opens the shutter so that light is reflected and transmitted to the camera sensor and an image is formed. This shutter-opening activity is what counts as the shutter count.

So the answer is does it matter? On conventional cameras such as SLRs and DSLRs, it definitely does, while on mirrorless cameras it doesn't necessarily because these types of cameras don't use mirrors. Light enters through the lens and falls into the camera sensor, after pressing the new shutter the image is stored, just like on a cellphone camera.

In mirrorless cameras, what determines the age of the camera is the maintenance performed on the camera. 

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