Menggunakan Flash Dengan Pantulan

Using Flash With Bounce

KEE friends like to take photos using flash but the results of the photos are not maximized, or like too rough a fall? Let's take a look the tips using the reflection method...

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A: Facing 90° up

B: Facing 7° downwards

C: Facing 90° to the left

D: Facing 90° to the right

With various flash head angles, the light produced will be different too.

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By directing the flash head towards the ceiling or wall, the light produced is softer, especially indoors. Skin, hair and clothes will look smoother, and less glare.

1. Shadow

Reflecting light on the ceiling or wall will definitely give different results. For reflections on the ceiling, there is usually no shadow on the subject so the photo looks flatter. Meanwhile, the reflection of light on the wall provides light on one side of the subject so that the photo looks more dimensional.

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Reflections on the ceiling (left); Reflection on the wall (right)

2. Pay attention to the color of the ceiling / wall reflection

Make sure the color of the ceiling or wall used for reflection is white because if it is another color, the reflected light will be colored. For example, like the photo below, light is reflected on a brown door, the resulting photo becomes brownish.

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Reflection on a white surface (left); Reflection on a brown surface (right)

3. Optimal reflection distance

The reflection distance also has an influence. The farther the reflection distance, the fainter the light. In fact, the closer the reflection distance, the brighter the light. Usually around 1-2 meters.

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1.6m from the ceiling (left); 4m from ceiling (right)

4. Softer light with bounce adapter

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With bounce adapter (middle) ; Without bounce adapter (right)

Bounce adapters are usually used on speedlight heads which can make the light more diffuse and softer.

Using a bouncer adapter can make the skin tone more even on the subject and make the reflected light softer and can reduce shadows on the subject.

5. Catchlight panels

When photographing a model, the sparkle of light in the eyes definitely makes the photo look more alive. You can use a catchlight panel to reflect light into your eyes.

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With catchlight panel (middle); Without catchlight panel (right)
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