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Some of you must have known about toy photography. Sometimes the creativity for this type of photography is really cool, KEE friends! One of them is Tatsuya Tanaka , this Japanese man never runs out of ideas for combining super small figures with everyday activities to make very interesting photos.

Photo credit : Tatsuya Tanaka

There are also Indonesian children who are pursuing this field of photography, such as Hrjoe Photography. Hrjoe likes to create funny scenes with Marvell superhero figures such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and his work received praise from Hulk actor, Mark Rufallo.

Photo credit : Hrjoe Photography

Apart from that, there is also Felix Hernandez Rodriguez who is good at turning cars into dramatic photos.

Photo credit : Felix Hernandez Rodriguez

They all have different characteristics but are equally creative and can use their imagination to transform toys into living objects.

There are several tips if you want to try this type of photography:

1. Tell stories

Each figure or toy has its own story. You can create a story for your photo like Captain America is about to cross the street.

2. Make toys more human

It will be easier if you use human figures to make this. But you can also use other figures such as cars and angle the photo in such a way as if you were photographing a human. Another way, you can use landscape such as grass in front of the house and direct sunlight so that your photos look more alive.

Photo credit : Hrjoe Photography

3. Dare to experiment

There are no rules in toy photography, you can decide what you want to make, whatever it is, like Ultraman playing with a dog, or Superman hitting a bird while flying. You can use your imagination as widely as possible. You can use ingredients around you to help maximize the effect you want to get, for example using flour to create a snow scene.

Photo credit : Felix Hernandez Rodriguez

4. Learn from other photographers

By looking at other people's photos a lot can help you come up with ideas. Apart from that, you can also exchange knowledge and experience with other photographers or collaborate together.

5. Share your photos

Share your photos with other people so you can get input and feedback to make you more enthusiastic and become even better.

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