Mengenal Komposisi Frog Eye

Get to know the Composition of Frog Eye

The frog eye composition is the camera's perspective from below the subject and the camera is directed upwards, like a frog's eye.

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This composition gives a tall or majestic impression to your main subject. Apart from that, if you take landscape photography in a fairly flat place like the desert, this composition can give dimension to your photo. When using this composition, you need to pay attention to the subject of your photo, whether it is interesting and has value, whether the angle is okay. Taking pictures with this frog eye composition will be easier if your camera is equipped with a screen that can be rotated so you don't need to do acrobatics to get the desired photo results. But if your camera screen won't rotate, you can try lying down to get a photo.

For the lens used, you can use a telephoto lens if you want your model to remain proportional and away from the model. Meanwhile, if you want your model to look like a giant, you can use a wide lens, get the camera close to the model and lift it up. Usually this composition is mostly used to take animal subjects, small children, or low subjects. If you like levitation photography, you can really use this composition which is useful for separating the subject from the horizon line.

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