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Get to Know the Types of Angles When Taking Pictures

The angle at which the image is taken, which is usually known as the angle, has a great influence on the resulting photo. Angle is the point of view when photographing an object. Before taking a photo, we need to determine the angle first so that our photo results are optimal. Several types of angles:

1. Bird view

Photos taken at high places. Can be taken from helicopters or tall buildings. The resulting photo will look very wide and dramatic, for example a photo of a city.

2. High angle

This angle is similar to the bird view angle where the object is taken from a high place, only it is not as extreme as bird view, at least the camera position must be higher than the object to be photographed so that the top will look bigger.

3. Eye-level angle

At this angle, the camera is usually parallel to the object to be photographed, so that the resulting photo looks standard as we see it.

4. Low angle

This angle is the angle where the photo is taken from below so that the object being photographed looks large. The resulting photo gives a dominant impression.

5. Frog angle

Frog level is an extreme shooting angle with the camera almost touching the ground. The shooting angle is parallel to the object or lower. The resulting photo looks like the viewing eye is in a frog-like position.

So, KEE friends already know several types of angles and positions in photography. Now it's your turn to practice. Good luck!


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