Mengenal Fotografi Tilt-Shift

Getting to Know Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt Shift photography is a shift and tilt of the lens, relative to the position of the camera sensor. With this technique, you will get different photo perspectives without manipulation because the resulting depth of field and wide curve are not natural.


At first you could get this technique by using special lenses. Canon and Nikon produced this lens around the 1960-70s. However, nowadays this technique can be done easily using programs such as Photoshop.

Photo by : Richard Silver

Usually this type of photo is widely used to photograph miniatures or make real objects look like miniatures. If you photograph miniatures, you can get details of the object by taking close ups without losing the perspective of the original shape. To get photos that don't change perspective, you need a full frame camera. Apart from that, you need a wide lens and a fairly wide aperture. If you want detailed objects, you can use a macro lens or lenses specifically designed for tilt-shift photography, which are usually quite expensive.

Photo by : Richard Silver
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