Mengenal Filter CPL - Circular Polarizer

Get to know the CPL Filter - Circular Polarizer

The CPL filter is a filter that is often a bit confusing for novice photographers because it will only produce a certain effect if the direction of the light matches the position of the camera and also the rotation position of the filter. So often when shooting with a polarizer filter, it is no different from shooting without a filter. The key to success is that we have to know when to use and not use this filter.

The CPL filter aims to reduce reflections and increase color saturation. The CPL filter is an important filter or could be called a must-have for landscape photography. This filter has 2 main advantages, namely: 1. Reduces light reflection and 2. Reduces incoming light so you can use a slow shutter speed.

So, now that you know the purpose and benefits, are you interested in buying this CPL filter? If you're interested, here's how to use it. First, install the filter in front of the lens by turning it like a screw, then turn the polarizer filter until, for example, the reflection on leaves or rocks disappears and the surface of the rock becomes dark.
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