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Getting to Know Shadows

Shadows may no longer be something special in photography. Let's learn more about shadows. What is a shadow? Shadows are shapes/contours created when an object blocks light from reaching a surface. The shape of the shadow can change according to the shape of the object covering it. Apart from that, there are usually factors such as distance, angle and size of the object which influence the intensity, shape and scale of the image.

What effect do shadows have on photography?

Shadows can beautify your photos by providing emphasis and detail. Apart from that, it can also strengthen photos by providing balance, contrast and dimension to your photo composition.

Photo by : Aya Okawa

Some photographers even use shadows as the main focus of the photo. With a unique shadow, it will attract people who see it to take a closer look.

Photo by : Wild Orchid Photography

How do you catch shadows?

1. Determine the purpose of using shadows

First, determine your goal, whether you want to highlight your subject, or emphasize the shadow effect on objects that are in shadow. Determine what you want.

2. Pay attention to the light source

The light source is very important for creating shadows. If your light source is far away and somewhat dim, then your shadows will be softer and less clear than with close, strong light. The direction of the light can also be quite challenging, because if the light is from the front, the shadows formed will be behind the subject. But if the light is from behind, it can produce flares.

Photo by : Rui Veiga

3. Pay attention to position

You need to pay attention to the position of the object that will form the shadow, as well as the surface affected by the shadow. This can change the composition of the photo and the impression you get. The key is to experiment a lot until you get the right composition.

Photo by : Aya Okawa

4. Get creative!

Shadow photos are not always black and white. Black and white emphasizes the contrast of shadows, while color images capture the unique tones that make up shadows. Free yourself, be as creative as possible.

Photo by : Kris B Photography
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