Mengenal Aspect Ratio

Get to know the Aspect Ratio

Sometimes when taking photos you feel that the photo format is not right. I've tried changing the composition but it's still the same... So you can try changing your aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is the ratio of width and height in a photo. Several types of aspect ratio:

1. 1:1

This aspect ratio is square with the same width and height. This format is widely used by smartphones after Instagram popularized it. Previously, this format was used by Hasselblad cameras which had a size of 6x6.

2. 5:4

This ratio is usually used by large format cameras and sheet film cameras. Usually the resulting photo measures 8x10 inches.

3. 4:3

This format has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Usually widely used by television and video media. Compact cameras, MFT (Micro Four Third) cameras, and medium format cameras usually use this ratio.

4. 3:2

This ratio was popularized by Oskar Barnack who rotated negative film 90 degrees and doubled the width of the frame so that it measured 24x36mm. Almost all large sensor cameras now use this format.

5. 16:9

This ratio is rarely used in digital cameras. Usually photographers use it to provide a cinematic effect.

6. 2.35/2.40 : 1

This ratio is rarely used because it is very wide. If cropped to a 4:3 ratio, half of the image will be cut off. It is usually used for widescreen movie purposes.

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