Mengapa Lensa 50mm Dapat Diandalkan Untuk Pemula

Why 50mm Lenses Are Reliable For Beginners

The 50mm lens is usually the recommended lens to buy after the kit lens. So, what are the advantages of this 50mm lens?

1. Low price

Price is a factor that influences the considerations of photographers, especially beginners. The price of a 50mm lens is still affordable, the Canon EF-S 50mm f/1.8 II sells for around 1 million. Other brands are more or less in that price range.

2. Fast lens, large aperture

Usually a 50mm lens has f/1.8, this aperture is quite different from our lenses which are usually f/3.5. With a large aperture, you can use a fast shutter speed so it is included in the fast lens category.

3. Make bokeh photos

At an affordable price, you can get a lens for bokeh photos. With an aperture of f/1.8 you can make bokeh photos quite easily.


4. Shooting low light

Usually in dark light conditions, it is quite difficult to take photos. But with a 50mm lens, it can help with a large opening so that more light comes in, and we don't need to increase the ISO so that the photos don't have noise.

5. Sharp photo results

The sharpness of the Canon 50mm photos can be relied on because this lens is a prime lens which usually has higher sharpness than a zoom lens.

6. Light lens weight

The 50mm lens is light in weight so it is easy to carry when photo hunting or on holiday so you can enjoy your trip more without having to be burdened with carrying heavy equipment.

7. Suitable for model photos

A 50mm lens when mounted on an APSC camera will become 75 or 80mm. This focal length is suitable for use in model photos. With good bokeh capabilities, this lens adds added value to model photos.


8. Value of money

This lens has far more benefits compared to its price. There is no loss in buying this lens.

9. Provide enthusiasm for learning photography

With this lens, you can learn various types of photography, such as shooting bokeh, macro photography using the reverse ring technique so that you have more experience and can try more types of photography.


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