Membuat Studio Untuk Foto Produk

Create a Studio for Product Photos

Did you know KEE friends, you can make your own studio at a low cost and the results are no less than a professional studio! Want to know how? Come on, take a look below..

Necessary materials :

Cardboard box

HVS Paper / White Cloth

White Cardboard

2-3 table lamps



Tools required:

Cutter / scissors




How to make :

  1. Take cardboard, make big holes on the front, back, right, left and top
  2. Cover the right, left, top and back holes with white HVS paper or white cloth. Choose material that is quite thin so that light can still penetrate. Its function is to make the light softer on the product.
  3. Place the white cardboard on the back lengthwise so that it covers the bottom of the cardboard.
  4. Place the lights on the right, left. You can also add lights to the front or back of the cardboard according to the lighting you want.
  5. The studio is ready to use.

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