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Make a Star Photo with Cell Phone Apps

One of the disadvantages of a cellphone camera is that it cannot take photos of stars such as the Milky Way or Star Trail star orbits. Well now you can with the help of the Camera360 application. There are various kinds of dramatic effects that you can use to process your photos, for fun. Let's see below for how to do it, but first make sure that you have downloaded the application.

1. Take one of the scenic photos in your cellphone gallery

2. Click "Edit", select "Effects"

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3. Look for the “Starry Night” effect. If you have never installed this effect, you can select "More Effects" then select "Starry Night" which you can install for free.

4. When you click the 'Free' button you will be asked to log in as a condition for using this effect. To make it faster, you can log in using your Facebook account.

5. After that, you can use these effects freely. For the milky way you can choose "Nebula", for star trail you can choose "Orbital".

6. Select "Apply" and "Save". Your photo is your star..

It is recommended to choose a photo with a wide view of the sky so that the Starry Night effect does not affect the subject.

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