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Create a Fog Effect with a Cell Phone

Want to create a dramatic effect in photos with fog? Well, Mimin got a sneak peak at how to do it! You can download the application first on Google or Play Store, it's called Picsay Pro.

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Original photo before editing.

1. Open the application and enter the photo you want to edit.

2. Press effect, select insert photo

3. Choose a white background, or you can also take a photo with smoke in the background for more dramatic results. Press insert.

4. Settings around 92%, you can adjust it to your photo.

5. Select the eraser to erase part of your image. Rub gently and play with your imagination.

6. You can rub thinner around the main subject area.

7. Once finished, you can select the green check button.

8. After that, you can also add effects to your photos. Adjust it to the conditions of your photo. You can add red scale, film grain, or vignette effects.

Please remember, not all photos are suitable for smoke or fog effects. You can select photos and adjust the settings.

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