Membuat DIY Beauty Dish

Make a DIY Beauty Dish

Usually in photos in the studio there is something called a beauty dish. Its function is as a light reflector so that the light produced by the flashlight is more directed and the photo results are more dramatic. You can make it yourself at home, especially for those of you who like taking photos with flashlight.

Source: Youtube: Manuel Budijono

Tools and materials :


Aluminum foil

Several wooden chopsticks

Cardboard box

Black Duct Tape

Scissors & cutter



How to make :

1. Prepare tools and materials

2. Take a basin, make a hole in the center (the size of the hole is adjusted to the size of your external flash), mark with a pencil the area where you want to make the hole.

3. Cut the middle part of the basin with a cutter

Source: Youtube: Manuel Budijono

4. Prepare cardboard, make a circle pattern with a compass. This cardboard will later function to produce ring-shaped light. Cut the cardboard into a circle shape.

5. Cover the cardboard with aluminum foil

6. Cover the inside of the basin with aluminum foil, tape the sides with black duct tape

Source: Youtube: Manuel Budijono

7. Cut the chopsticks to about 10cm, make 3 sticks of the same length.

8. Make 3 holes in the cardboard and basin so that the chopsticks can stand up straight

Source: Youtube: Manuel Budijono

9. Install your external flash on the basin, attach it with black duct tape to the back of the basin.

Source: Youtube: Manuel Budijono

Comparison results of photos using a beauty dish, without a beauty dish, and using a ring light.

Source : Youtube : Manuel Budijono
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