Manual Adjustment di VSCO

Manual Adjustments in VSCO

Now, after choosing various filters, sometimes you need to adjust them again to your photos. In VSCO, you can adjust the filter so it fits better.

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Several things you need to pay attention to when editing your photos:

1. Perspective

It is necessary to correct the perspective lines in your photo if it looks a little skewed. You can use perspective and straighten or crop your photo. It looks trivial but the effect is big.

2. Exposure

You can also add exposure to your photos. Make sure that the details in your photo are not lost. Tips for brightening very dark photos, you can use Shadow Save. Meanwhile, if your photo is too bright, you can use Highlight Save.

3. Clarity

Clarity can help to give dimension to photos and highlight the details of your photos. Use just enough and add a little Sharpen for the final process.

4. Temperature, Tint, and Skintone

You can play with the three elements above. Swipe according to what you want. Swipe left for more bluish colors, and swipe right for warmer colors.

For skin color, you can also add according to what you want. Slide Skintone correction to the left to get a slightly pink skin tone, and slide it to the right for a more yellow skin tone.

Some things you need to remember:

  1. Find your favorite filter that can also add personality to your photos.
  2. Don't be too careless in using filters because it can remove the authenticity of the photo. You can only use the filter effect for only 50%.
  3. For Instagram purposes, you can save with the highest quality.
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