Manfaat Menggunakan Live View

The Benefits of Using Live View

The live view feature is currently widely used and sometimes on certain types of cameras there is only live view for shooting images. We can see live view from the LCD screen located on the back of the camera. Some of the advantages of live view:

1. You can set live exposure

You can see the light and darkness of your photos and change them directly.

2. Change the white balance

When you take a photo you can change the white balance of your photo, change it to the color you want and you can see the results immediately.

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3. You can organize objects more easily

If you are shooting food or flatlays, live view will help a lot. You just put the camera on a tripod and adjust the photo settings. This makes it easier because you don't have to look back and forth from the viewfinder/viewfinder window.

4. Makes it easier to shoot high or low angles

For types of cameras that have a live view feature that can be rotated, it can make it easier to take pictures from a low angle close to the ground or from a high angle.

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