Manfaat Lampu Flash

Benefits of Flash Lights

You must not be familiar with what is called a flashlight. Yup! It is very useful in low light conditions. But there are also many people who are against flash because the results are usually not good. So let's find out what the advantages of flash are...

1. Control the use of light

You can make your photos more dramatic by using a flash. You can use the flash for both indoor and outdoor photography. As in the example below, the model in the photo looks brighter and stands out from the background.

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However, in order to achieve these results, it must be accompanied by a technique. The technique used is to attach orange gel (CTO) to the flash to give a golden twilight light. There is a reflector on the front to reflect and soften the light so that it looks natural.

2. Control the direction of the light source

Natural light is usually available when shooting, but sometimes it is not enough to take good photos. A flash can help to illuminate areas that are still dark. For example, in the photo below, if you increase the brightness, the background will be too bright, so the solution is to use an additional flash from the right direction, in the direction of the natural light source. You can use reflectors to direct the light and soften it at the same time.

3. Control the quality of light used

There are different types of light that can be used for photography. There is a soft flash, which is useful for photographing faces, and a bright flash, which is good for photographing magazine or dance models. A sharp flash can also be used to photograph athletes to give a more dramatic effect. Bounce flash can be used to enhance natural light, giving a softer feel.

4. Control the color temperature of the photo

All light sources have a colour, called the colour temperature. Flash can help to correct these colours. As in the photo below, the golden twilight light makes the photo look yellowish. With the help of a flash, the color of the sea water becomes more visible.


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