Lensa Yang Cocok Untuk Foto Malam Hari

Suitable Lenses for Night Photos

The lens can have quite an influence on the resulting photo. For long distance photos, you can use a telephoto lens, for landscape photos you can use a wide lens. But for night photography, what you need to pay attention to is the aperture on the lens.

Criteria for suitable lenses for night photos:

1. A lens that has an aperture or wide opening

At night there is little light, so a wide aperture is very necessary so that the photo does not become noisy and the results are bright because the ISO used is small and a lot of light comes in. Usually lenses with large openings are found in prime or fixed lenses.

2. Lenses that have an Image Stabilizer feature

The Image Stabilizer feature is very helpful when you use a low shutter speed (1/60, 1/20, 1/10, and so on), especially at night.

A few tips: You can use the RAW format because you can have more freedom to edit your photos, such as adding color tones.

Source : TechRadar
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